Wholesale Funds

The wholesale funds division provides debt and equity investment funds and project specific investment opportunities to wholesale clients as defined by the Corporations Act .2001 S761G.

Part of the divisional mandate is to capitalise on our knowledge and to use different forms of funding for property investment and development projects.

Our funds are suitable for the following types of professional investors:
  • trustees of Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF's)
  • institutional managed funds seeking an investment manager with a solid track record in the $20m to $50m range
  • high net worth individuals

Barkly Investment Series

These funds employ a passive-aggressive strategy whereby they invest in property development projects and upon project completion they either realise the development profit or retain ownership of the developed asset for long term income generation and capital growth.

Topaz Income Funds

The Topaz Series is specifically designed for wholesale investors seeking a higher fixed income yield from secured property investment.

We are active in the mezzanine debt market and provide loans to developers seeking construction funding.  This construction funding provides our clients with investment opportunities.


Our divisional ethos is to provide high quality reporting, strict compliance to a nominated investment criteria and transparent declaration of fees and expenses.

Risk Adjusted Returns

Our commercial objective is to seek an above average risk adjusted return all the time mindful of underlying security of capital and market conditions. 


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